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Role Of Scrum Master

It is the team who does all the work. Team is self-organising. Team decides and plans. So what is the role of scrum master? Is it a full time role? How is it different from a project manager? Can a project lead or manager be a scrum master? It is probably the least understood and the most abused role in scrum. Let's explore these points in details further in this webinar. 

  • 3 Roles in Scrum
  • Role of scrum master
  • Challenges of a scrum master
  • Skills, Knowledge & mindset required
  • Full time or part time?
  • Future career path of scrum master


  • Uncover the true role of a scrum master which is that of a facilitator, protector, negotiator and a coach.
  • Understand the true meaning of coaching. 
  • Learn how scrum master can coach the team.
  • Understand the skills, knowledge and mindset required as a scrum master.
  • Perform better as a scrum master by getting introduced to some magical techniques and fad words like gamestorming, innovation games and visual thinking to facilitate collaborative decision making.
  • Learn points which you can use to make people understand the vital role a scrum master plays.
  • Appreciate the difference between project manager and a scrum master.
  • Learn who can be a good scrum master. 

Attend the webinar and separate yourself from the crazy herd of people blindly accepting or discarding the role of scrum master!!


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